The Mediterranean 2014

Already in elementary school I was making up fantasies about biking to China, and the summer before my last year of Swedish high school I knew I was finally getting closer to actually making it happen. Hence I thought I’d try out a smaller trip in Europe to make sure my dream was not just appealing in theory but also in reality. I had a limited budget and a limited time frame but it did get me a taste of the life on the bike, and a taste of how things always appear to work out in one way or another. But… surely, it didn’t get me enough. 😉

I rode solo but my sister met me up for a week in Croatia and of course I met lots of wonderful people.

If you’re interested I did make a few blog posts that you could read here, some in English and some in Swedish.

Some statistics:
Countries: France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Montenegro.
Distance: Not exactly sure, about 2700 km
Longest distance in a day: 190 km
Terrain: Quite hilly but… I know it will get waaay worse 🙂
Wild animals: Not many unfortunately. I did see a few owls and a marmot in Italy        Scariest moment: When I was looking for a wild-camping spot in Bosnia in the middle of the night and a crazy madstruck stray dog bursts out of nowhere from the pitch-black bush…
Most memorable sleeping spots: Hmm. Right on the street, right on craggy rocks without sleeping pad, on a square, and under the stars with my sister in an abandoned huge garden.
Most beautiful places:
Lago di Garda and Lago del Predil in Italy
Soca Valley and Lake Bled in Slovenia
The remote and unexploited villages on the Croatian island Korcula (you’ll have to leave the popular tourist resorts in each tip of the island)
The city Omis in Croatia
The city Mostar and the surrounding mountains in Bosnia Herzegovina
The Kotor Bay in Montenegro