A collection of mini-tours in Sweden

With roots in the landscape of Hälsingland in Sweden, I started out making daily tours of 50-150 km on my old Peak-bike and my grandma’s friends would always call her when they saw me pass by their window… “Now she’s here, soon she will be at your house!” And my grandma would of course rush to the kitchen to prepare the waffles  served with homemade blueberry jam.

For my Mediterranean tour I switched to a Kona Sutra (trust me, you will never go back once you’ve had a good bike!) which I also took on some small tours throughout the areas of Uppsala, Hudiksvall, Järvsö and Sundsvall in Sweden. For my next trip I will use the classical Surly Long Haul Trucker, although with some modifications.

This beautiful and nearly non-trafficked road on the header by the way, I found by accident somewhere near Stocka north of Hudiksvall. I’d recommend to pay it a visit!