Clothing & Shoes

Shirts: An underwear shirt in merinowool to sleep in, an underwear shirt in merinowool to bike in when wheather is cool, a t-shirt in merinowool, a tank-shirt, longsleeved shirt, and a shortsleeved shirt.

Pants: A pair of thin windshell pants that could easily be tied up to your knees for warmer days, thicker windshell pants for colder days, merinowool underwear pants to sleep in, Gore-Tex pants for rainy days, one pair of padded bike shorts, and long runner leggings.

Jackets: A Gore-Tex shell jacket for cold or rainy days when biking, a down jacket to put on in camp, a windshell vest for biking, and a fleece to put on when in camp or when sleeping.

Accessories: A hat to put on in camp or when sleeping, two thinner buffs to keep my neck and ears warm, one thicker one. One pair of exercising gloves (meant for crosscountry skiing) to bike in and one pair of leather gloves to use in camp.

Underwear and socks – I don’t think you need any details…


Trail running shoes to bike in, they are pretty water proof since they are made of Gore-Tex which is nice. I have never tested SPD and probably won’t ever do so since the idea of being attached to your pedals seems scary to me haha…

Gaiters – I will be passing some high snow-covered mountain passes and I’m also hoping to climb a few summits. These gaiters weighing 200 g are the perfect choice instead of bringing real high-end hiking boots to avoid getting all soaked in snow.

Flip Flops – my real favourite. Whenever another cyclist sees me in these they ask immediately how the hell I can bike in them. Well I love it and they have been my main biking shoes since Bulgaria! As long as temperature is not too cold, they are my number 1 biking shoes since my feet are true liberty seekers.