Other Stuff

Hiking backpack: I will bring The North Face Litus 32 as my go-around-exploring-cities backpack as well as my go-hiking-in-the-mountains backpack. The size is perfect, neither to big nor too small. It adds an extra 900 g to my luggage though, and takes a bit of space since you can’t fold it.

Reflex vest: You can never be too visible in the dark or harsh weather conditions.

Books: My plan is to carry a few books at a time and then exchange them along the way. I will begin with A Game of Thrones… damn, about time!

Writing and drawing material: A beauitful journal made by my French touring fellow Julien to put my thoughts and sketches in, and a few pencils and such to draw with.

Maps and compass: From start I’m bringing my big map covering the Silk road countries and another one covering parts of China and Mongolia. Hopefully I’ll get more maps along the way! The compass is mainly for hiking since I don’t think I’ll be needing it when on the road.. 🙂

Passport including my Russian business visa, cash, bank cards, documents with insurance, embassy and contact information etc.