Camping & Cooking & Such

The tent, MSR Hubba Hubba 2p: Using a tunnel tent last time, I was faced with my mistake already the first night. I got the permission to pitch my tent at a private-owned bowling green; with just a thin layer of soil on top of the asphalt. Luckily the night was wind still and I got a few hours of sleep…. before waking up with the canvas smudged to my face!

The selfstanding cupole tent simply gives more freedom than the tunnel one – more opportunities to do creative camping (oh, remind me to make a post about creative camping later!) And that’s why I replaced my tunnel tent with MSR Hubba Hubba (2P) instead: It’s spacious, weighs just above 2 kg, camoflague green, storm sturdy and could be pitched pretty much anywhere. On top of that – I managed to find myself an older year model at a big sale for half the price!

The sleeping bag, Marmot Cloudbreak 30 Reg: Weighs only 900 g which probably makes it one of the lightest synthetic sleepings bags with this comfort temperature (0.2°C for men, 5.2°C for women) on the market. It packs down so small! Plus, it got a nice, green colour 😉

Sleeping liner:  I’m also bringing a sleeping liner which adds a couple of degrees warmth in cold nights, keeps the sleeping bag clean and could be used as a normal sheet in hostels – or to be used alone in really hot nights. Unfortunately mine is not in silk but in polyester and weighs a little much; 330g – but hey, I could take it for free from my family – anything free is nice!

The sleeping pad, Thermarest Neoair Xtherm: Luxurious four season pad… Only con I think is that, like all other inflatable pads, it could puncture. I am however bringing a light aluminium pad (80 g) which I hope will do the job as protection…

The camping stoves:  You never know what fuel is available throughout the world, and that’s why I will go with two stoves on my trip: The MSR Pocket Rocket, which weighs only 85 g and uses gas as fuel, and a wood stove which – obviously – burns wood, and also alcohol if you bring the little cup. They are not only lightweight and take little space – they are also a lot cheaper than the bigger stoves on the market. Perfect! In addition, I’m also bringing the Edelrid adapter since the Pocket Rocket has the typical Scandinavian “screwmounting” meanwhile many other countries got the “clickmounting”. It adds a weight of 75 g.

The pots and stuff:                                                                                                                                            1.5 L pot, frying pan, sporks, 1 L water bottle with lid, cup, thermos mug, plate with lid, little containers with spice, matches, lighter and a “life straw” that weighs 50 g and filters bacteria from water.


A Swizz army knife that I got from my sister! 🙂 It has an extremely sharp knife blade, an impressivly powerful saw (!), a can opener, and even a… tooth pick!

Elastic straps – Durable, mainly to keep the things on my rear rack in place

Thread and needle

Medicine and first aid:

Antibiotics and cortisone, allergy pills, pain killers, bandage, compeed, wound/hand antiseptic… Probably forgot something


Hand washing powder and wet wipes – haven’t tried the wet wipes before, so I’m full of expectations!

Travel towel which packs down to the size of a sleeping liner (and weighs less then mine) and simply is really nice.